CWB Wakeboard Sale UK

CWB Wakeboard Deals UK

CWB Wakeboards UK

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CWB Wakeboard Sale UK

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CWB Wakeboard Deals UK

Welcome to our UK CWB Wakeboard Shop. CWB Wakeboards are different. Last year they simply asked everyone to go out and ride their gear, and you certainly did. By applying all of that feedback, plus a generous helping of hard work, CWB has blossomed into a brand that is filling board racks all over the world. This year will be no different. CWB regularly take all of their boards back to the shaping room and continually add brand new innovations across the range. They also make sure that their industry leading boots remain the best selling and best looking available.

Learn more about us here or if you need any advice on which products will be best for your individual needs then please do get in touch and one of our friendly and knowledgable staff will be more than happy to help.

CWB Board Co has changed a lot as a company. They have spent the past few years year creating the greatest and most innovative collection to date. The product innovation, features and performance of their new line is blowing minds. They introduced Hinge Tech to the industry a few years ago. That innovation changed the industry and wake boots forever. Easy entry, zero heel lift, easy out. Their new boots were designed with fit, function, innovation and weight in mind.

They didn’t stop with our boots though. On the board side they have created a board built with a bamboo core giving unmatched snap and durability as well as being green. A new slider board is cable park friendly and wake approved. Package boards that are feature packed with technology and innovation nobody else has. New wakesurf and wakeskates round out the line.

CWB wanted to blow minds with our new gear and create the greatest product line wake had ever seen. Without question, they have done that.

CWB Wakeboard Deals UK

Best CWB Wakeboard Deals UK

Cheap CWB Wakeboard Deals UK

CWB Wakeboards UK

CWB Wakeboarding UK


CWB Wake Deals UK

CWB Deals UK

CWB Deals UK

CWB UK Wakeboard Deals

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